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Was going to Spain from start to finish but now I, Luca have taken over

Was about researching about where to look & about living in Spain I am here. So was for anyone interested here are the good & bad things that happened to me. But now I (Luca) will tell you about my experiences, both very bad, better and good.

Luca, just Luca .................
30 April 2014 @ 16:22

Hello! My name is Luca, (and no! I do not live on the second floor – for the “old pop music fans that”) I’m a dog and I thought I’d write a few lines about my life in Spain. I don’t remember my dad although I am told he was part Labrador, & my mum was a pedenco, a hunting dog. My master (well at least I let him think he is!) used to write about coming to Spain, but some ‘orrible trolls got right up his nose so he stopped writing,  but I won’t be so kind to trolls so you better watch out …………..

Firstly I was chucked out on the streets of Torre Del Mar about 6 months ago when I was about a year old because I was born to be a hunting dog but I have a problem - I just love everything and everyone, whether it be another dog (big, huge or small or just tiny), a wild animal from rabbit to a wild boar but especially you humans, I just love you lot and can’t get enough of you, it’s so easy to wind you lot around my “finger” a big wagging tail, a loving look into your eyes, a kind whimper, a dance on my hind legs and I’ve got you all under my paw – easy peasy.

But it was tough and strange on the streets, I was used to the mountains, no food, having to scavenge & scrounge, sometimes going days feeling so hungry and alone. Then somebody hit me on the head, could even have been a car, causing a deep gash over my eye and I caught a serious eye infection closing my left eye entirely. I was very soon covered in fleas & ticks, I even caught “tick fever” and felt dreadful. I really felt unloved even though I had bags of love to give and I thought my future was bleak, what was I going to do I felt so depressed and unhappy. I had by this time found my way to the bus station in Torre Del Mar where several times I had nearly been hit by passing traffic, some drivers are most uncaring I really couldn’t understand it at all and some of you human pedestrians were also most unkind.

Then my luck changed, a lovely lady human named Kathy came along, saw my plight and enticed me to her (which really wasn’t hard – she is so lovely). She took me off back to the countryside to her home where I met her family and pets, but I was a bit scared yet again as this was all so new to me.

She soon took me to see a lovely bloke in Puente Don Manuel called Mario who spoke to me in Spanish and English, clever bloke this. Transpires he is the local dog doctor or vet as you humans call him. Anyway he did some strange things; he stuck a glass thing up my bum, most embarrassing and uncomfortable that, looked in my poorly eye, down my throat & stuck a needle in my leg and pinched some of my blood. I then was given another couple of injections and some tablets for my tick fever. But I like Mario he is so kind to me he kept talking to me all the time. On leaving Mario’s, Kathy bought some humans eye ointment fromthe chemists (Mario told her it was cheaper that way – what a nice man!) & off we went home, but was it my home? I heard Kathy say that they were going on holiday soon & didn’t know what to do with me then – oh dear I was seriously worried when I heard this surely I wasn’t going to be thrown out again, don’t think I could stand that misery again……………



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