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All Business Books should come with a warning
14 January 2013 @ 13:36

I would like all business books to come with a warning label that only 1 in 10 people will find the book useful. 

It would be for our own good.  It isn´t that most books aren´t useful, rather that they would be so much more useful if they were written for only a few and not for everyone.  The old adage when you try to please everyone then you please no one rings so true.  Business authors flirt with ideas without really getting to the meat and potatoes of the subject matter as it may lose relevance for some.  This is unfortunate, so perhaps with a warning label then writers will feel more at ease to dig deeper in their topic and demonstrate their expertise and help a few of us more thoroughly. 

This label isn´t just to help the writer but to also change the mindset of the reader, reading business books is a brilliant way to develop understanding, clarity and skills, but our business salvation will not be found in one business book. Therefore we should stop seeking "that book".  An MBA at London Business School cost £57,000 for the programme commencing August 2012.  An MBA is widely seen as the most thorough form of getting all you need to succeed in business.  Well you can buy a lot of books for that, so you shouldn´t expect to find the nugget to business success in one book that claims to make you be a millionaire within a week.   Rather, make it a habit to read books regularly, that way you can build up your business knowledge.  

Great value can come from reading regular business books written by experts as they keep us focused, motivated, offer different strategies and advice and sometimes deeper understanding on a subject matter. 

So until governments impose a warning label on all business books I suggest read broadly and search for those authors willing to dig a little deeper and risk losing everyone's attention.  

Check out our Top 3 Business books read & reviewed for 2012 and see if they are a good Business Book fit for bettering your business.


Wishing you all the success and happy reading 

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