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The Travels & Adventures of Flog-It Removals.

Welcome to the Flog-It blog. Here we will post comments and details of our travels hopefully before, during and after we are on the road as well as general observations from while we are just out and about locally.

Michael Schumacher has left the building.
09 November 2008 @ 19:05

Friday afternoon and Michael Schumacher was not at home again. I am beginning to think this is just some cock-and-bull story, either that or he was out bowling with Julio Iglesias who is another reported part-time resident of the area. Anyway, yes you guessed it we are in Platja D’Aro again for a pool clean followed by what I was expecting to be a long job wiring up the internet at the same house. Firstly the pool and yes it was a mess but the shock treatment from the week before had cleared the water so all that was left was to vacuum up the green shag-pile carpet from the bottom. The problem with this was that every slight movement of the vacuum resulted in a cloud of swirling dirt which pretty soon made it impossible to see the bottom again so after the best vac I could give it another load of shock was administered ready for a return tomorrow to see the results.
Now the internet was a much easier challenge. Armed with a plethora of cables and an installation cd I wandered into the office and plugged it all in and, my word, it worked, on line in an instant!! God I’m good!! So I walked out into the living room with a smug look on my face while the computer downloaded nearly 600 emails which was the result of 7 months of being off line. I get that many in a week.
We had free tickets for the bowling so off we went again, funny how in Spain when you get something free it costs you more than it would have done if you’d paid in the first place. Anyway tonight I lost the first game to ‘er indoors and only very narrowly beat the sprog on the other two. The evening did not finish in the successful manner in which it had begun!!

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