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Fallas Valencia

Info, photos and videos of this years Fallas festivities in Valencia. Hope you enjoy it and please make an effort to come and see it!

FALLAS 2022 - Top 10 Monuments
Thursday, March 17, 2022 @ 10:10 PM

Once again Fallas is in full swing after two very unusual years due to the pandemic it is back with vengeance. But unfortunately, the weather has not accompanied the party! Yesterday the monument winners were announced and for those who didn't manage to go this year, here is a list of the 10 best Fallas this year before they go put in flames on the 19th! The ranking is from 1st place to 10th Place.


  2. 1. Convent de Jerusalem-Matemàtic Marzal (Pere Baenas García 
  4. 2. Pilar, pl. (Estudifalles 3d S.L. (Paco Torres Josa)
  6. 3. Cuba-Literat Azorín (Vicente Martínez Aparisi) 
  8. 4. Almirall Cadarso-Comte d'Altea (Manuel Algarra Salinas)
  10. 5. Monestir de Poblet-Aparicio Albiñana (Carlos Carsí García) 
  12. 6. Na Jordana (Mario Gual Del Olmo)
  14. 7. Exposició-Misser Mascó (David Sánchez Llongo) 
  16. 8. Regne de València-Duc de Calàbria (Sergio Musoles Ros) 
  18. 9. Sueca-Literat Azorín (Santaeulalia Tematización S.L.) 
  20. 10. Malva-Rosa-Antoni Ponz-Cavite (Art En Foc y Mario Pérez Sánchez) 



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