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A nobodies guide to spain, living the dream.

the life and work of a nobody treading the light fantastic trying to sevive in spain.

Aint life great.
10 October 2008 @ 10:06

the first morning you wake up to your new life in spain its the greatest feeling ever, sun on your face no job to rush to beer by the pool aint life great i think to my self. first things first i think bank open an account nie must get, car or van for transport after all cant exoect mother in law to keep driving us around all the time. well bank takes hours but they smile as they take the check to bank, wifes upset because it says don on the check book and she cant get dona on it.
N.I.E was easier than i thought apart for the local nutters in the police station that scare the life out of you.
Van we decided to buy seat siver girl gave us discount asit had been registerd already still 13,000 euros bloody hell 
needed a drink after that spend. all is great all  is quite sitting by the pool having a beer, then all i hear is have you seen the men working down the end of the road there english why dont you ask them for work, bloody hell i think been here 2 mins and the mother in laws of on one allready, aint life great. next time get  off your arse.

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