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Donna Gee - Spain's Grumpy Old Gran


Why I am not the Murraying kind...
15 July 2012 @ 22:54



MUCH as I would like to see a Brit win the Wimbledon men’s singles title, the Murray misery mob are not my type of heroes.

 Yes, despite the fact I live in Spain, I was delighted when Rafa Nadal's exit opened the way for the Scottish sourpuss to go all way. And I  felt for beaten Andy as he choked out that emotional Centre Court apology for losing last Sunday’s final. 

But I switched to Federer’s side after it  became apparent that the Murray entourage was shrouded in a grey cloud of depression. Even after he had won the first set. 

Ever-dour Andy presumably  inherited his semi-permanent sulk from his mum Judy, whose po-faced intensity frightened the life out of me every time the cameras focused on the old battle-axe .
And even Posh Spice’s pouted posturing was a more attractive alternative to the Scots racketeer’s expressionless girlfriend Kim Sears. To top it all we had to endure the mask-like mush of Ivan Lendl, the most miserable Grand Slam champion of all time, glaring across the court .
It was inevitable, then, that a big black cloud would bring the roof down on the Scottish sourpuss’s day.With the rain came the the form of the ever-pleasant Roger Federer and the irresistible tennis that permanently keeps the Swiss Master ahead of Murray in the world rankings.
Touching as the sour Scot’s on-court concession speech was, I found myself immersed in the smiles and waves of the Federer family. They may hail from another country but I felt as if I belonged in their world rather than Murray’s.
Give me the beaming faces of the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa savouring the action any day.
Or better still, the unbridled joy of Yorkshireman Jonny Marray (almost a Murray!) at becoming men’s doubles champion. 
The 31-year-old Yorkshireman did what Murray didn’t  – and you can be sure he’d also have compensated with  a big smile even if he had  lost.
Published in The Courier ( July 6, 2012


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Patricia (Campana) said:
15 July 2012 @ 23:15

Totally YES, Donna, to what you say!


Charlie MAc said:
13 September 2012 @ 00:40

Well Dear.
Firstly I don't think I would vaunt about being a reporter on the Daily Star or The Express being newspapers owned by a porn magnate. What do you say for yourself now Andy Murray has won the US Open?
Probably nothing as you are quite content to spout your bourgeois views now you have become an immigrant in Spain. It's quite easy to decry all things British now you have nothing to do with your time apart from keep fit exercise on the beach along with all the other pensioners.

The UK shone this year sport wise. Please think twice before you
put down the country that gave you all the pleasures you are enjoying now.

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