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Life, Don't talk to me about life.

At this time, this will be a general dump of life itself. Which is pretty good. Earlier on the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and Marvin were big in my life but unlike Marvin, I moved on. Spain does sometimes bring out the Marvin in me though.

2018, two more years have passed, Still Loving it.
15 March 2018 @ 22:56

So, this is obviously a regular blog because it is another two years later. See you all in 2020, maybe earlier.

Thanks for the comments, still loving Spain to bits. Still worried about Brexit and me myself, still worried about Brexit and the UK but we will find out soon enough. Fingers crossed and yes, still would like to keep the status quo. (P.S. not the band!).


So what's happened since the last time?

Our, was new to us, house is still wonderful, we have the best neighbours and still have so many friends from the original "urb".

We now have a tiny, tiny very old 1 bed flat in Scotland which we can call our holiday home. How lucky are we to be able to do this. We have a foot in two camps.

Best ever news is I am a Granddad, estoy un abuelo, and, of course, he is the best child in the world, let’s hope he has as much fun as we have had in his new life.


Spanish Life; We are quite up to speed with 720's and impuesto reporting these days but the first few years were hard. If you are here for 183days plus in any year, you should know what these "pains" are. PAYE was so simple.

Hospitals, doctors all very sweet, we can still get an appointment very simply here and so far our health is very good. It is reassuring that the few friends that have needed that bit extra have nothing but good to say about it “out here”

Summers are hot, winters seem cold but neither are bad and when we look back at the UK weather it still feels like we are on holiday. Oh! And we have home grown bananas, grapefruit, figs, pomegranates and winter tomatoes. Nice. Only complaint is I can’t grow fuchsias, too hot. Scotland’s communal garden will have to be my fix for that.   

My brother now has a "crash pad" down south, we are so last century.
He is starting to learn the "non resident" system which is the same as here but managed differently in Almeria. Him, being there is providing us with extra visits, new friends and, days out.

Still, slowly, picking up Spanish as I go along so much so that when the "Town Hall" decided that we had caused damage to the pavement outside our house when having a pool built we were able, without help, to appeal and win our 500€ back off them, RESULT.
Little tip, if you have work done and you get the correct licences, like you should, take date able photos of everything. (Maybe upload them to Google?). We did not do this but we were lucky that Google Street View showed the damage pre-existed our work.
As an aside the, must be repaired, damage remains un-repaired???

The Spanish also helps with the web for local purchases even though Google will translate.
I am still happy to use the Android Google Translate app that lets you take a photo of a “Spanish Documents” and it does a reasonable, quick, job of providing a translation.

We have joined the Parador’s Amigo club and have visited San Javia, Alarcon and Cuenca. All three different, all very good and good vaule. Jávea / Xàbia great position, huge rooms, Alarcon, it was awesome to stay in a castle but quite remote, and very quiet for us. Cuenca great rooms, location and more to do.
Joining the Amigo, free, club we had free introductory drinks and early information about offers. All three were good and so very different.

Plans for this year, well Grandson, family, Scotland, done the Almond Blossom near Cieza already, relaxing in the pool, playing with my “Geeky” tech and, seeing more of this wonderful country.
Hope you are all well and, see you all soon.



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anthomo16 said:
17 March 2018 @ 09:12

keep it up nuevo abuelo we like to know what is happening in other parts of Spain

ianhumphries said:
19 March 2018 @ 00:52

Hi Diezz 66 I thought you would like a email from Queensland I want to come to Spain to live . Can I email you from time to time.
My dad came from Dundee so I have some HOOTS MON in me.
Cheers Ian Humphries.

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