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Discovering Spain on two wheels

Sun-drenched Spain has always been Europe's original package-holiday destination, but beyond the Costas lies a land of culture and beauty just waiting to be explored by bike.

Cycling from Teruel to Castellon
25 September 2018 @ 15:01

Exploring a VIA VERDE route is always a unique experience, not only because of the few opportunities to appreciate an enormous piece of infrastructure but also because railroads usually traverse the best landscapes in Spain. The Ojos Negros route has the added benefit of being the longest to date with a distance of 160 kilometers. The route begins in Teruel and ends in Castellón. Of course it can be traveled in the opposite direction if you wish. Along the route, there is a trip full of surprises waiting for you. It travels through 20 tunnels, over 21 bridges, along reservoirs, on plateaus, through natural wildernesses and through charming towns where you can take a well-deserved rest.

Although this route is ideal for cyclists, it can also be enjoyed on foot by doing small sections or even covering some parts by train since the present day track runs almost parallel to the route. There are many reasons not to miss the Ojos Negros Greenway, but here are the top five that will definitely make you include it among your next travel destinations or weekend excursions.


1. Nature surrounds you during the whole trip

Since the Greenway is such a long route, the landscape changes completely from its start in Santa Eulalia, Teruel, along the foothills of the Sierra de Javalambre, to its finish in Algímia d'Alfara in Castellón, only a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. Nature surrounds you on all sides throughout the entire journey and its a genuine treat for your eyes. What will leave you especially captivated are the almost virgin lands of Javalambre, the Mediterranean forest that prevails over almost all of the route, full of oak trees and conifers, and the Dehesa Wilderness Area, almost at the end of the route.

2. You can see panoramic views fit for a movie

One of the attractive features of the Greenways is that the train tracks often go over viaducts, or railway bridges, which today serve as excellent viewpoints. Along this route you will find many of them and ones that are very beautiful. One of the most impressive is the Albentosa viaduct in Teruel that has seven impressive arches and rises 50 meters above a ravine. Another bridge that will leave you astonished is the  Chispo viaduct, also in province of Teruel. It is shorter at 22 meters, but is almost 90 meters long. 

3. You explore mysterious landscapes

On this route you can pass through up to 20 tunnels, most of which are well lit and perfectly fit for travel. Among the most impressive, are theAlbentosa tunnel, on a curve and nearly 400 meters long, and other tunnels that are shorter but have the same charm such as the Arrión tunnel (352 m) and the Ragudo tunnel (237 m). The longest tunnel along the entire route is the Caudiel tunnel in Castellón that is more than 500 m long. Along the path you can find other mysterious locations, such as abandoned train stations or even an old Machine gun nest bunker from the Civil War, which can be seen near Caudiel.  
4. You discover towns full of charm

Even points along the route with the highest elevation are more than justified, especially when you go through locations like Sarrión , Teruel, located at almost 1000 meters above sea level and with wonderful treasures such as the Gate of Teruel, one of the entry gates to the 12th century walled city, Saint Peter's Church (18th century) or the delightful Truffle Festival that takes place in December.  Jérica, in Castellón, should also be a stop on your journey. Here you cannot miss the Las Campanas Mudejar tower (17th century), built upon a promontory where you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the entire town (seen above), the old El Socós church, and of course, its delicious horchata, a traditional milk drink. And of course Navajas, almost at the end of the route, is where you can see the impressive Brazal waterfall, with a drop of 30 meters, and the Bride's Jump.
5. It gives you the chance to feel powerful emotions

Any Greenway is a great option for active tourism but, without a doubt, one of the most attractive routes for sports enthusiasts is the Ojos Negros Greenway. Apart from being specifically recommended for bike tourists due to its length and terrain conditions, it also has other very exciting options for adventure. One of which you can find at the Fuensanta viaduct, on the land slope that connects with Castellón, where there are good conditions for bungee jumping that is organized and assisted by specialized, local businesses. Near the viaduct, there is the added allure that there is another, almost identical bridge over which trains still travel. Those who prefer a water option can enjoy the Regajo reservoir, also in Castellón, where you can rent kayaks and enjoy an outing in natural, breath-taking surroundings.


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alan lunn said:
29 September 2018 @ 07:22

Try the one near sorbas Almeria lucainenna
Wild west country ie spaghetti westerns

anthomo16 said:
29 September 2018 @ 09:56

for people like me who cannot walk far and certainly cannot ride a bike this is heaven to see other beautiful parts of Spain please keep them coming and thank you

Humbhony314 said:
29 September 2018 @ 15:07

Excellent suggestions here. But what a pity the track from Vega de Terron to La Fuente de S Esteban is not part of the network.

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