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Legal tip 888. London sees no rescue for Spain
18 January 2013 @ 15:07

 According to Madrid Business paper Expansion today.


Almost unanimity of international financial authorities are now no clear about rescue for Spain. 

Kevin Mortimer, Barclays head of investment strategy 

Richard Barwell, RBS economist

see the clear Back-Up Spain has in Europe

A proof of the change of " feeling" is  the monthly poll among investment funds published by Bank of America Merrill Lynch: 92% of poll survey respondents saw a rescue a month ago. Just 31% sees the rescue now. A higher percentage: 36% think that the US rating will lowered.

Rescate en el Orzán

"Rescate en el Orzán", Playa del Orzán, La Coruña, Galice, Nort-east of Spain, by santinet, at

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