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Legal tip 811. Lawyers repeating us
16 August 2012 @ 18:18

Humility is truth.

We can be proud that same Law Firms who were "skeptical" on our work against Banks using Law 57/68 are doing exactly what we have been doing for a while now and offering their clients low cost actions in order to attract them.

I am not talking about Guadalupe of GM legal experts to whom I have full respect and consideration and who actually  shared with us information and Case Law at the beginning of this fight. She is a great lawyer. Guadalupe please, keep the good work up and please have us available for anything you may need.

I am refereing to other law firms I do not need to mention as you all well already know of. It is not my style to use blogs for fighting against colleagues. This needs to be done at the Bar Associations or Courts, if necessary. 

I wonder how a client can trust same law firm which did not obtain guarantees for them during the conveyancing,  and whose negligence is at the origin of the problem these clients are now and the same lawfirm is trying to solve. Possibly is a gesture of reparation.

Sierra de Grazalema

"Sierra de Gazalema", Cádiz, South of Spain, by Senderismo Sermar, at

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Sandra said:
16 August 2012 @ 18:22

"Possibly is a gesture of reparation"

These lawyers have no conscience Maria, so no,definitely no.
They are simply using a different approach to attract clients by associating themselves with the latest widely reported favourable judgement. A judgement that someone else fought and strived for.
A leopard can never change it's spots. Such lazy lawyers will always be negligent with their client's affairs and will always see them as a way to make 'easy money'.

Or am I just an old cynic?

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