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Legal tip 799. Three good reasons to post while on vacations
06 July 2012 @ 20:54

 I am currently with the family in Zahara de los Atunes, as every year.

Pace is slow and we are enjoying simple things in life. I have been thinking of you these days and whether if writing normal legal posts as the rest of the year or, otherwise, to write a more special type of things during the summer break.

Firstly, for those of you who still do not know Zahara, I highly recommend you to come over. You can feel more Spain than in other coastal areas and nature, traditions, idiosincrasy... is vividly felt at every step.  Whale watching, horseriding at the beach, mule rides through natural park, kite surf, contemporary art and nature, trekking, mountain bike, try dives, fun diving, kayak, beach games.... are also among the sports and cultural offers of the area.

Best tunna fish of the world of course! Japanese come over here every year for huge purchases of this specie.

Simple and near people wiling you to enjoy and smile at every single corner. 

In the middle of all these treasures, at the papers, so many apparently  negative and depressing news. I am determined to the positive interpretation of the same. It is a era of changes. Just the fact that Banks and ultra liberal capitalist systems are being put into questions, and before Judges is a reason for big celebrations. We need to go through the measles but, rooted in rights once declared as pivotal for all of us, human dignity crowning them, I am confident we will find the solution.

Among the statistical and macroeconomical news, three pieces with great soul and value for this July:

1. Antonio Hernández Gil, dean of Lawyers in Madrid, has recently written in ABC on the importance of logics of donations, gifts and solidarity within the mercantilism of our societies. For the promotion and consolidation of values expressed in our constitution: social and democratic estate which higher values  are freedom, justice and equality.

 The article made me think on one of my habitual matters: culture of work. A clear understanding of equality and equal oportunities  is necessary so we will not mistake equal opportunities and equalitarism.  Equal oportunities needs to be given to all people. Different wills and efforts will finally  work them out differently. The value of the product is what it will be prized.

2. Sir John Elliott, who, also at ABC stated yesterday nice and truthful things such as:

"There is a very well educated and interesting new generation in Spain, especially among women"

" There is a crisis of values. Specially within the financial sector. Morality and sense of  civic actitude are lost. They are out of reality and live in a virtual world. Civic sense is missed"

and thirdly and finally:

3. Bank of Spain has recently prohibitted "small letters" in financial products as part of a new actitude and  part of a  transparency code which will  govern relationships between Banks and consumers".Let´s hope for a great development of the actitude and the code

I am going to the pool with kids and husband now

See you in a moment


006345 - Zahara de los Atunes

"006345 - Zahara de los Atunes", Zahara, Cádiz, South of Spain, by M.Peinado, at

006344 - Zahara de los Atunes

"006344 - Zahara de los Atunes", Zahara, Cádiz, South of Spain, by M.Peinado, at

   Note: Almost in the middle of the picture, but to the left side, on the sea, you can see "The Almadraba" (the place where some fishing boats are fishing many tuna).In the spotlight, you can see the area named Atlanterra --where you can find on all developments; and, to the right and top of the picture, but beside of the beach, you can find the little village of Zahara de los Atunes.If you need to go to the village, you have take a little road till Zahara; but if you just want to go to Atlanterra, you can take a new road almost before reaching the village to the left side.Thn, you will reach Atlanterra directly. Atlanterra is around 3,5 Kms from the village.

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Lorraine Latchford said:
07 July 2012 @ 10:13

wow,sounds wonderful,have a great holiday !

Anne said:
07 July 2012 @ 23:13

Do you mean the banning of small print (rather than small letters) Maria?

Enjoy your break away and thanks for the post!

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