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Legal tip 765. Keith Rule´s legacy
23 May 2012 @ 12:13

His job was mainly over yesterday with the second part of the hearing for Las Higuericas, Finca Parcs case against Cleyton Ges and CAM. They are now waiting for the Court decission. Let´s wish the best for them. They deserve it.

I have been a witness of the faculties and determination of this UK person since September 08 when he first emailed us wanting a case against the Bank which received his deposit and those of other members of the Finca Parcs group ( then 8, today more than 60). Not being a law professional but being indeed a man with a remarkable sense of justice he saw clearly from the beginning that the main risponsable people were those of the financial institution involved in the development. They have, in a great extent, trust the project because of the presence of the CAM and therefore there should be a way to legally blame them of this  big dissapointment.

From then, he encouraged us to go and study the case at a deeper level and we started our job which have consisted in continuous study of legal doctrine and case Law also with the help of Law Professors. Today there are more than 15 Court decissions all over Spain making clear the extent of liabilities of Banks in respect of amounts advanced in off plan projects.

I was happy to hear today, when talking to Keith on the phone that he was satisfied with the judicial system and that he was enocuraged by support commentaries of many spanish people.

He has been during the last years for us all at Costa Luz and De Castro Law Firms an incredible example of truth, honesty, leadership and determination. I do think that the Judge and even the adversary lawyer was able to see the clear claim for justice he was doing as we saw it in 2008.

Thanks Keith Rule.

Maria and the Costa Luz/ De Castro team

This is the link to regional TV ( minuyes 8,44 to 10,40) but they were also on National Telediario 21/05/2012 at 21:00

Amanecer en los Caños de Meca

"Amanecer en Los Caños de Meca", Barbate, Cadiz, Spain, by Jesu d´Alange, at

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