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Legal tip 742. Did the Euro ever exist?
11 April 2012 @ 10:04

 As the IMF has recently stated, economies with greater exposure to real estate bubble are deteriorating more severely  and these economies need debt relief and restucturation as a general measure: for the whole social fabric, specially for families.

Economy for people: it is simple.  Social aid to help domestic economies. Estate intervention is possibly necessary. 

The IMF report mentions EEUU 1930 or Island 2011 as expamples where debt  was written off for a fresh start of families. 

European Finantial Authorities needs to make themselves liable of this all, as again, very rightly De Grauwe saw in 1998, before the Euro come.

Euro made the bubble in Spain specially big. We decidecly need Europe too to restore the effects of this burst. If not, it is possible that the European Monetary Union never existed really....  it was a fallacy.

Alhaurin el Grande

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mr dean said:
14 April 2012 @ 15:51

It has become quite obvious to myself and many others that i know that the euro was never meant to work. It has always been a means to an end for the global elite. That " end " is a single world currency (cashless) ,one world bank, and one world gorvernment. Greece, italy and spain are being set up to crash the euro around about the same time the dollar crashes. In the near future, we who survive will be living in a facist, totalitarian state.

David H said:
14 April 2012 @ 19:48

The global conspiracy theory is a bit far-fetched since humans are simply not capable of being subject to control by a world government. It's clear that even within Europe we are divided by language, culture, envy, and even currency where the UK is concerned.
The EU and the Euro Zone was intended to be a rich man's club but, since the doormen are only politicians, the club now has acquired the disreputable membership it deserves; the rich are buying the drinks and the poor are falling-over drunk!
The bigger the club becomes the more it is compelled to split into factions i.e. self-governing regions with control over their finances. Wait a minute, isn't that where we started out?

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