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Legal tip 737. Keith Rule on ruling Estate agents
28 March 2012 @ 17:45

Thanks Keith!. You are doing so much good to our country and our people. Cleaning "old spots".


Closer Regulation of Estate Agents Required'
Source: Bank Guarantees in Spain Action Group - Tue 27th Mar 2012

'Closer Regulation of Estate Agents Required'

The Bank Guarantees in Spain Action Group has welcomed the recent statement by the British Embassy in Spain, urging property buyers to take the appropriate advice before making any purchase.

However, the group has suggested that the EU should also investigate unscrupulous Estate Agents and Developers who are still allowed to operate in Spain, calling for the industry to be regulated by means of a similar body to the NAEA in the UK, and with all such businesses being fully licenced and insured.

Keith Rule, on behalf of the Group, said how such Agents are often the first link in the purchase chain and hold the most influencel when it comes to purchasers parting with their money to buy off-plan or resale property. If such agents were regulated they would take a stricter approach to promoting 'illegal' re-sale properties and off-plan developments with no Bank Guarantees, amongst other problems.

Mr Rule also called for Lawyers who offer conveyancing services to become more closely regulated and trained by their Bar Associations as well as stricter supervision for the Banking Industry as a whole.

Algodonales 2009

"Algodonales 2009", Cádiz, Spain, by Tom@There, at

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Maureen Linskey said:
10 April 2012 @ 15:44

I agree with the statement as when we bought our land in 2004 we were told that it had full planning on it by the estate agent who is still operating and who is totally unscrupulous when it comes to selling. She also recommended a lawyer who also did not do his job properly and so we were left with a piece of land that we cannot sell or build on even though we went down the right channels. Unfortunately we had the wrong people to advise us.

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