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Legal tip 671. Advancing: Three steps of Bank reorganization
28 December 2011 @ 11:33

 Three steps of the Banks reorganization

ADJUSTMENT :              The first step will be a reassessment of real estate in the bank balance.  An additional 20% will be applied to those valuations in order to gain credibility before the markets and to force a new sanitation.

2)     PRIVATE FUNDS:          Rajoy´s team wants in a first phase, the new provisions and the recapitalization of the sector to be done through private funds. To meet this goal, organizations can use the new European convertibles or to merge in order to ease the accounting treatment of provisions.

3)    PUBLIC MONEY:              Weaker financial institutions are to use public funds to meet solvency requirements after this adjustment exercise on balance sheets. The new government plans to resort to conditioned loans of the IMF and the European Rescue Fund.

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Sierra Nevada, from above

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