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Legal tip 530. Pro-rentals in Spain and the Norway Funds Plan
17 May 2011 @ 09:41

No, they are not connected, or at least that I know of....

They are simply two news that caught my attention this morning when reading the papers: 

Proposals for Spanish rentals, made by representatives of several political parties in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville:

1. - Easy rentals for emerging families (young people, divorced, single families…): temporary aids of up to five years, no more.

2. Promotion of rentals instead of building and other models which bet for employment and not for land speculation.

3.  Alignment to Europe. Germany has more that 57% on rented properties.

4. Tax Aids for tenants on their Annual Income return.  This will eliminate some informal economy and would turn rentals on a good chapter for estate tax collection.

5. Courts for rentals. Más medios para la justicia: creación de juzgados dedicados al alquiler

6. Just one administration for dealing with rentals. Efficiency and savings involved.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Norway Funds Plan for Spain

Norges Investment Bank, manager of the Norwegian Funds plan has extended its investment in Spanish debt. Current amount being is 3347 millions of Euros approximately. A 3% higher than in 2010.

Spanish debt has the eighth position in this Fund after the EEUU, UK and Italy among other ones.

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