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Legal tip 407. Why Banks do not react...?
04 December 2010 @ 10:58

 I am wondering:

Why Banks do not react and set an strategy to make all these hundreds of buyers happier with an alternative?

Banks who actually are now Super-Estate agents should maybe start thinking of claimers out of Law 57/68 in a completely different way. This would involve a new paradigm in the way they have been doing business so far but will bring to them happy faces, happy human faces happy person faces which is what they need and what they forgot about during the last decades.

For instance: why not to turn a Bank Guarantee claimer into a prospetive good buyer of one of their properties ( after they reduce prices realistically), with a financiation plan ahead? A financiation plan tailored to the real needs and possibilities of the buyer at present moment?

Why not to turn a claimer based on point 1.2 of Law 57/68 ( liability of Bank for lack of Bank Guarantee) into one of these above too?

Person oriented Banks are the ultimate and only sustainable Banks:  it is not an uthopy. This is the call of the times for Financial system these days.

Maybe, we, citizenship need to do the big claim for this. no problem about this but..... we need Banks who listen to us.

Have a great weekend, Monday and Wednesday are feast days in Spain.




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