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Lorenzo ( Lawrence) is the name of the sun
20 August 2008 @ 20:56

and he is staying here, even with the financial crisis and the crack of the real estate market, 

our idiosincrasy and our food, our weather, our lifestyle will also be staying here, in Spain... that is why I always think the market of sales of second residences for Northern European will survive... always.

Anyhow , I am a bit discommoded  about the panorama of empty developments in Spain and have been recently sharing my perceptions and ideas with a friend of mine who is the sales director of a good development company  in my area.

I had mentioned to him, on a phone conversation at the beginning of the summer, as a suggestion for him to increase potential buyers, to use  the scheme of " rentals with options to buy" and , after some weeks, he and me met  again with Patricia and Rocio ( two wonderful women of the Costaluz Lawyers  team) in Alcaidesa Golf Club.

 A wooden table: one man among three wise women..... capitulation .... no doubt. "We will say to him how to do it....." 

 There...hum.... the simplicity of the building in white walls and old red brownish tiles, the great golf course below, the stunning views at the bottom:  Mediaterraneum, sailing boats,rock of Gibraltar,Malaga Bay... influenced my spirit to say to my friend....OK.... come on... how do you want us to help you selling  these wonderful properties that your company has here?  This cannot fall into limbo, this cannot get bored.. we need to activate these forces.

I know you can imagine how distressing is  to see such good products under the dust and realise how much you, my EOS people, would like to be enjoying them.

There should be ways to activate the sector now, even in these financial moments.... 

Is it not true that we might be too scared on the global status of economy?  and ... is it  not true that  some prudent initiatives are needed ? least for not dying by fossilization

 We, human being, are not made to see things happen but to make things happen.

Back to our table and our man at the Golf Club:  we discussed further on the renting with an option to buy scheme...  I think it is the proper formula for these times: you rent and pay a reasonable rent quota, then after 2 or 3 years... you can opt between buying or not. Of course, you having  a full say  for the protections of your rights as purchasers/ consumers... with good independent lawyers by your side... just by your side.

Another formula would be to delay completions for a couple of years or 3  and keep paying just reasonable quotas in the meantime.

That, together with some good discounts may work. Don´t you think so?

He is checking on these with the financial directors of the company. They need to get involved too.

What would you suggest? Please post your views.


By Maria L. de Castro

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