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Legal tip 385. New initiatives by the General Council of Judicial Power
03 November 2010 @ 12:53

General Council of Judicial Power taking a new initiative. Two important points to the matters that are commonly discussed here in EyeonSpain:


1. - Reduction of judicial procedures.  In order to provide effective judicial protection in reasonable timeframes and in order to optimize public resources this way. The proposal is to raise the minimum amounts required to go to Appeal and Supreme Court.  Of course the limitations need to be established in a rational way and without any harm to citizenship´s rights.  In this sense, it is also proposed the definitive promotion of alternative mechanisms for conflicts resolution.

2. Claims of citizenship:

 Gabriela Bravo, Spokesman of the General Council of Judicial Power has stated to “Legal Today” that the main objective of the communication measures that are being implemented by the General Council of Judicial Power is for the society to know and value its mission. Our first commitment is for transparency and therefore we aim to make understand our constitutional duties as govern body of the judiciay in Spain . She thinks that public opinion is starting to see them as an Institution committed with modernization of Justice and guarantoor of judicial independency, the main reason of being of the Council.  

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03 November 2010 @ 12:23

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