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Alcaidesa: do not recommend people to go there....
12 August 2008 @ 22:19

because...everyone will fall in love with the place...

I have been having a good chat with the Sales Director of a very good development company there. During these last couple of years, we have had the oportunity to interact with many development companies and have developed our six sense on getting to know who is who in the Real Estate arena in South Spain and CostaBlanca.

I was always greatly and positively surprised with the way this salesman conducted all the negotiations with us: full respect, always answering our letters, emails, phone calls... doing the impossible to get close to the clients... a really honest, proffessional, polite and nice man.... Many people in his proffession need to learn from him.

I refrain from saying who he is because I do not want to make public promotion of any company in order to keep our independence...  and EyeonSpain´s philosophy and style....but  privately, if anytime , anyone asked me about a reputable, serious company... I would always advise to go to this people first.

It is so refreshing to see developers who really care for the natural  environment  ( he is a biologist, by the way) and who care for clients...

Today, we shared our passion for clients service and for having you happy here, and for the wonderful world of second residences in Spain, and for offering our culture and our goods to foreigners......

and for.... Alcaidesa... I need to confess.... I am love with that area and am soooooo happy this people are working around.

Do you want to come to our area??

You are welcome to come anytime.

Very best wishes,



By Maria L. de Castro

Ps.- Please correct us our failures... we are pleased to hear that.... and we need it to grow as a company.

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adrian sarson said:
12 October 2008 @ 19:06

i want to start a blog about what the heck is happening in alcaidesa. i have lived there permanaently for nearly 5 years now and although i love the beach, best on costs del sol i believe, what lies behind the alcaidesa management. i am convinced there are underhand things going on. why has the private school stopped after the grand launch ? why is the shopping centre continually delayed and i understand they arent releasing any units for rent. it was like this with the existing units at the bottom with, until recently one overpriced shop with not even newspapers, a chemist and the dragonfly. theres been talk of a non private school as well, a nursing home, a supermarket. alcaidesa is a massive development yet we have one very small childrens area. look at any spanish town, and you see excercise machines for adults, big safe childrens areas yet at alcaidesa NOTHING. a shame becuase its fast becoming a ghost bus service goes into the estate.........the endless comments i get about alcidesa is it has great views and beach but is lifeless and souless.......i want to challenge the management about what they spend the money on...i apprecoiate the landscaping is great, the security but come on they must be raking it in with every urbinastion paying high annual fees.....please someone join me and we can get to the bottom of

Maria said:
13 October 2008 @ 07:55

Count with me! I am emailing you today.

Daniel said:
26 August 2009 @ 23:12

Only one thing, If you will go to eat something in the "Dragonfly" be really carefull with the change.

Alcaidesa Apartments said:
19 March 2011 @ 00:21

I have to agree with this post, Alcaidesa is without a doubt one of the nicest resorts on the Costa del Sol.

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