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On the importance of passion
08 August 2008 @ 21:21


Entrepreneurs Stress Importance of Passion


Great companies are not created by people motivated by money, said Klaus Hommels, private investor and 2007 European Business Angel of the Year, at the International Entrepreneurship Conference recently held at IESE’s Barcelona campus.

Investors, entrepreneurs and senior executives at the conference agreed that great companies were instead created by people with passion and the ability to sacrifice.

Ignacio García Nieto, chairman and founder of the financial group Riva y García, stressed the importance of completely immersing oneself in the business.

The impact of intrapreneurs, who generate innovation and creativity within established businesses, was also discussed. Rafael Suñol, executive vice president of Catalana D’Iniciatives, discussed creating  “an entrepreneurial culture within the company.”

Five IESE alumni related the keys to their success as entrepreneurs during one of the conference sessions:

  • Eusebio Díaz-Morera, chairman of EDM Holding, said: “making money is not a motivation, but a result. It’s important to enjoy what you do.” 
  • Enrique Quemada, chairman of One to One Capital, suggested “distinguishing yourself, having a positive outlook and be convinced of your success.” 
  • Andrea Christenson, president of Kathe Kruse Puppen and member of IESE’s International Advisory Board, said “your work should make you give more of yourself.” 
  • Carlos Nueno and Marc Subirats, founders of Advance Medical, stated that entrepreneurs “have to think big and in the long term – invest in talent and have complete control over the company’s profits and losses.” 

The International Entrepreneurship Conference was organized by IESE’s Center for Family-Owned Business and Entrepreneurship and coordinated by Prof. Pedro Nueno.

New extracted from the IESE website:


By Maria L. de Castro

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Andenca said:
10 August 2008 @ 15:40

As evrything in life, the mor you put in the more you get out!

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