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Legal tip 299. The Building Log Book
15 June 2010 @ 11:26

A building log book is a set of graphical and textual documents that form the files and history of the technical, legal and administrative issues pertaining to a building.  It includes documentation of the work carried out and the final construction provided by the property developer before the building is handed over for use by the Owners Association.   From then on, all documentation generated during the use and existence of the building must be added to the building log book.

The building log book should contain, as a minimum:

1)      The plans.

2)      Any approved modifications.

3)      Handover Certificate.

4)      A list identifying all agents who have been involved.

5)      Instructions for the use and maintenance of the building and its facilities (including a maintenance plan).

6)      All recordings of receipt of goods, equipment and systems during construction.

Once all the above documentation has been received, the owner of the building, or in some cases the Owners Association, have an obligation to:

-          Maintain the documentation received from the property developer and pass on to future buyers if the building is sold.

Possession of the building log book allows the following:

-          The orderly use of all spaces, building elements and installations.

-          The carrying out of maintenance work and upkeep.

-          The implementation of further renovation work, repairs or restoration.

And in case of future problems or complaints:

-          Makes it easier to establish responsibilities in case of material damage.

-          Carry out indemnification for the material damages in the building caused by faults or defects in construction that are covered by insurance.

First occupation licenses must not be issued until the building log book has been presented to the respective town hall.

Jesús Castro and María L. de Castro

Translation/edition assistant: Rachael Harrison

Atlanterra, Costa de la Luz, Cadiz by Yme Bosma at


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Moraira Property said:
15 June 2010 @ 11:15

Morning Maria.
I have been reading some excellent comments about your service on this forum - Fantastic feedback. Well done. You deserve every success!!

James Long said:
28 November 2010 @ 09:35

Maria I ralise this is an old Blog but, we are just starting out with our apartment building and wonderd if you can clarify:
Is a document we possess named " LIBRO DEL EDIFICIO" the same as " THE BUILDING LOG BOOK " which you refer to.

Thank you


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