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Management tip 13. PostCrisis Values: Simple Proposals VII
10 June 2010 @ 12:16

Today´s: Identity

A quote by a great person: " Identity is such a crucial affair that one shouldn´t rush into it" David Quammen

Spain rushed into over building during the last 10 years before credit crunch... we are now kind of......... an abandoned prostitute.

The core of the current Spanish crisis is in our opinion a lack of identity. In a global trade, in a global world, where uni-culture, uni-fashion, uni-customs are massively promoted, uniqueness, identity and personality are going to become the most treasured values of a company, an organisation and a country.

Let´s be what just us, uniquely us can be.

Education and own brands to be promoted and exported: it is not all about public expenses cuts and taxes.

The CostaLuz Lawyers team



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