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Castles in Spain
28 July 2008 @ 13:12

A Proffessor of Political Ideas, Benigno Pendás, has written today:

"The traveller finds out easily that dreaming is not expensive:  risponsable government, competent oposition goverment,  sensible politicians.... ( ...). A universal language, multinational companies, outstanding sportsmen, good quality of life, good infraestructures..( ...) in the shadow side: a weak economy, a territorial mess, ideological dogmatism, lack of desire to work... let´s do a realisitic disgnosis"

He voted for castles in Spain. The real castles, those inland pattern of art who shows the past of our country... you can find gorgerous places there, with hospitable people. Maybe the new generations of spanirds, who knows on multicultiralism need to go back to thier town to promote that inter-relation with foreign and make their lives that way... again... imagination, hard work and good sense of humour is needed.

A big hug from here today,



By Maria L. de Castro

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