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Renting with an option to buy is the solution.
25 July 2008 @ 09:29

Renting with option to buy:

a solution for:

young people staying at parents´ an not able to buy...  Government support suggested here.
people who want to buy and have no access to financiation at the present moment....
private owners who needs to sell and find no buyers... 
developers with loads of unsold properties: First Occupation License needed here...
Foreigners wanting to start the spanish adventure and with  no access to  the purchase of  a property...
Foreigners wanting to have a second residence in Spain... it is possible a renting contract with annual renovations for the vacations period.
Foreigners wanting to retire in Spain....

I highly advise to be balnced with setting the rent and to submitt all the contracts to arbitartion rather than Courts and hire an Insurance for unpaid rents.

This will bring a bit of  movement to the real estate market during the following couple of years....

 Let´s start changing our mentality and thinking forward


By Maria L. de Castro

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