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Financial crisis= creativity times.
18 July 2008 @ 12:59,

Oh yes, we are in a serious financial crisis.... but is that necessarily a bad thing) ( Excuse me as this keyboard does not make the question marks) I am typing a paranthesis sign instead.

Financial crisis must not be time for fear, anxiety and depression.
Financial crisis must be time for sobriety and austerity: much more elegant, modern, chic and dignifying words.
Financial crisis is a time to go out of oppressive shopping malls and run unto nature: mountains, beaches, landscape.. whatever is within the reach of our arms and possibilities.
Financial crisis is time for thinking and create new ways of life. Time for creativity and art. Time for recreation. Time for oportunitys. Time for re.birthings and re.considerations.
Time for family and friends around a simple table game, playing old music, remembering old times...

Time for life really. Let´s use our creativity talents... we all have it. We can build happiness around withg no money at all. It is such a challenge and a building-humanhood activity.

I promise to keep talking on Law in next post.


By Maria L. de Castro

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Mark said:
18 July 2008 @ 11:35

I agree with you Maria. In times of trouble there are always things one can do to cut back. That's why I like living in Spain instead of the UK. I can take my kids to the beach and it's free. They have lots of fun and we can save some money. Hard times don't always have to be so bad.

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