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Business tip 13. Adapting a Spanish village for English-language teaching.
21 April 2010 @ 12:48

Specifically tailored for executives who have little time available to dedicate to areas such as grammar and actual practice of the language, the course has been designed to encourage people to overcome their fear of speaking in English and to enable them to be capable of following a conversation on any topic, to understand a telephone conversation in any kind of accent and, most importantly, to understand and recognize the differences that exist between set phrases, in English and Spanish.

For all intents and purposes, it is still a language academy, a training centre.

There are some abandoned towns in Spain ready to be bought. For more information on these, please click here.

Of course what it is actually bought are the different properties ( rustic and urban) located within the town. Then someone or a legal entity ( fundation, association, company, community of owners) will be required for the commun maintenance and exploitation of the village if this is used as a learning space. This entity or person would be the owner of the business.

The owner of the business must have a varied and qualified staff, teachers specialized in English language, graduates in English and native speakers for the various tasks and activities which take place in the village.

The setting up of the centre and its development is subject to authorization from the authorities and the granting of environmental licenses.

The village (business), as well as offering all the services of a communal village, must offer an information and orientation service for the students so that they are aware of the course details and who are there to solve any problems or answer any queries that the students may have.

As general features, it must have a company name and an individual or company responsible for the facilities. An SL would initially suffice. For information o how to form an Sl, please click on here.

It will also have the necessary procedures in place for dealing with enquiries and complaints.  It will detail all the courses on offer in its facilities, the rules and regulations, provide tutor lists as well as the contractual conditions of the products offered.

In accordance with Spanish law, the company will do a strict risk prevention assessment.  “Prevention, meaning all the methods adopted or put in place in all areas of the business in order to avoid or reduce work-related risks”.

The adaptation, design, building characteristics of the areas of work and teaching areas should provide total safety from all type of eventuality.

In short, to launch a business for teaching English , immersed in context and with the particular characteristics of a small Spanish village, the village must be adapted just as we would adapt a building or premises, with its particular characteristics and within the geographic and architectural dimension of the chosen village.

By Jesus Castro and María L. de Castro

Vistas restaurante El Tesoro, Tarifa (Cadiz);by Chodaboy, at

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