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Business tip 6. How to set a rural bed and breakfast in Spain
09 March 2010 @ 08:37



Transforming a house in a rural tourism house.

Rural tourism is a consolidated activity in Spain. A Bed and Breakfast Rural house, is a sort of hostel in a typical village and family atmosphere that welcomes tourists and provides accommodation at convenient prices.

 The work required to enable a building to serve a a rural tourism accommodation is simple, if the house is in good conditions.The administrative formalities are reduced to the submission of certain documentation at City Hall and in the Tourism department of the corresponding autonomous region.

 However, before opening a rural tourism business, a number of matters need to be addressed:

 1.- Financial and economic study on the rehabilitation of the property.
 2.- The seasonal character of the business, which causes the occupation is not constant, but focused mainly on short holiday periods like Easter, Christmas and certain long weekends (puentes).
 3.- Not  every rural house can be used as a rural tourism house . Along with the requirements of each Autonomous Community themselves,  it is important to take into account environmental conditions, the contiguity of natural parks, winter resorts, coastal areas....
 4.-Cultural attractions, or access to activities of active tourism, can help to achieve a more lasting occupation during the year and  are critical to the profitability of the business.

 In general terms, with differences due to regional laws, a tourism rural house must have:

 1.- Running water.

 2.- Electricity, either by traditional or alternative ways whish secure the adequate supply of electricity, meeting the security measures required by REBT (Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations).
 3.- One bathroom for every five seats.

 4.- Medicine cabinet
 5.- Heating for bedrooms and bathroom.

 6.- Dining room

 7.- Lounge for guests use

 8.- A fire extinguisher on each floor.

Bedrooms can be single, double or triple, they must have enough room to ensure guests' comfort. The bathroom needs to at least be equipped with  water seal toilet, sink and shower or bath. The house needs to have good lighting and direct ventilation to the outside or an uncovered patio  and have a decor in keeping with the surroundings. It will at least have a living-room with adequate furniture and a kitchen with stove, refrigerator and washing machine.

It is generally located in a small town, of  usually less than three thousand inhabitants or in an undeveloped area of larger municipalities.The architecture of the house must respect the characteristics of traditional architecture of the region. It will be convenient that the house is open a minimum number of months a year, usually nine. July, August and September are communly mandatory.

Tourist services for the exclusive use of guests can be offered and also the gastronomy if you chose to have it, must respect the peculiarities of the area.

One of the major drawbacks of rural tourism in Spain, is the lack of control over the lodgings. This causes the existence of illegal establishments that do not meet the required conditions and worsen the image of this type of tourism.
By Jesús Castro


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James Baker said:
09 March 2010 @ 10:39

Incredibly useful Maria and Jesus. I will be sending a link to a couple I know in the process of buying exactly this kind of property and business. Thanks

Bathroom Furniture said:
23 March 2010 @ 04:16

I have a friend interested in buying a beach front home and/or apartment, I will ask her look in to your website
Natasha Jones
London UK

Maria said:
29 March 2010 @ 11:13

Thanks to you both Natasha and James.

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