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Business tip 5. How to set a property management company in Spain
02 March 2010 @ 12:34

The services of the property management company or multiservice company  for communities include an extensive menu of professional services such as access controls, security guards to prevent theft and vandalism and exercising control over postman visits and carriers, counseling to address the neighbors, professional gardeners, full service for pool cleaning and maintenance throughout the year, maintenance and keeping of facilities, repair of large and small faults both in individual and communal areas.

All services must be performed by skilled professionals and executed in a short space of time.

Please note before beginning the project:

1) Administrative procedures. (At least before two authorities: local and national)
2) Initial assessments.
3) Feasibility of the project.
4) Marketing and publicizing the company: Internet, magazines, specialized guides, associations.
5) Minimum Insurances Required

Regardless the billing of each customer service is carried out directly by providers, the consulting company, in accordance with applicable Law, needs to coordinate the management of the resources for the effective execution of the same.  

The activities to be declared before the Tax Man would be the following ones:  

- Surveillance and security of buildings.

- Messaging

- Cleaning

- Management of Audiovisual for meetings.

- Recruitment of receptionists and telephone operators.

- Maintenance of technical installations.

We may choose between:

- Paying taxes by the 849.8: Multi intensive staff. In this case all the services need to be provided by just one taxable person


- Paying taxes for each and every one of the activities actually performed. Each of those activities is classified for taxes purposes under a different chapter:

As examples:

-Chapter 849. 4: Monitoring and building security.

-Chapter 849.5:  Messaging.

-Chapter 922:    Clean.

-Chapter 849.2:  Audiovisual management.

-Chapter 849.6:  Recruitment and telephone receptionists.

-Chapter 849.9:  Maintenance and upkeep of technical facilities.

By Jesus Castro




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