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Business tip 4. How to set a bilingual nursery in Spain
27 February 2010 @ 10:43

General Regime Education., in its different levels, are configured as crucial stages in the formation and acquisition of skills and communicative abilities of people in new  languages other than their own. In this sense, Childhood and Primary Education is the foundation on which we must establish a correct and appropriate learning of the English language as the  mastery of this language is an essential tool for children to reach, in fact, a full and effective integration as European citizens. 

To start a bilingual nursery care for children, a company of trust, equipped with safety and hygiene measures, and ample means for a complete care of the children is a very interesting option  both from a business and from a pedagogical perspective.

What is needed?

1.- To have efficient teachers,  certified in early childhood education, to address all the aspects to be applied, from the overall care of the kids, through  its intellectual aspects to the  social, cultural, and caring attention which children need and have the right to get.

2.- To have a physical space for the educational establishment which complies with current regulations, so you should  receive advise both  on the legal and  on the educational aspects. 

3.- You can add the school bus service for children, lunch service within the establishment, you can have early intervention service, psychomotricity, educational psychology, pediatrics and so on. The more complete the range of healthcare and education proffessionals integrated in your team, supporting  your educational proposal, the greater the value of your presence in the market.

It is important that the entrepreneur's point of view when working with children is different to that of the enterpreneur  in general, especially regarding  personal and social responsibility,  and  the special legal framework that corresponds to this type of activity.

If you do not possess the qualifications required by Spanish law, you can beging to study for becoming an early childhood education teacher or to do courses for the qualification as assistant teacher courses for nurseries and kindergartens. You can also start to  work for others  in a nursery in order to see if you have teaching abilities. 

By Jesús Castro and María de Castro 

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