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Legal tip 225. Our no win no fee
01 February 2010 @ 11:00

We are not proffessionals who base all the reason of their activities on benefits but on growing in expertise, prestigy and  trust through comitted and honest work. This way, we aim to have a long proffessional life for all of us, the members of the team and many other ones who might arrive.

We need to cover the expenses coming out of our salaries, of the running of the company, of the hiring of the litigation experts, and some social/cultural sponsorhips that´s why we cannot work on a radical no win no fee basis.

But we are still very reasonably priced.

We start with an initial provision of funds to try to reach an agreement with developer/Bank/ counterparty. If the desired settlement is not achieved, we then need to resort to litigation.

At this stage ,our fees are for a 5% ( including the initial provision of funds already paid, so actuallu will be:

5% (less provision of funds already paid)

of the claim as provision of funds. No more funds are asked by us till we reach a solution for you through all the necessary means and proceedings:

- Contract cancellations and appeals up to Europe passing through the Supreme Court. Counterclaims if in between, developer decided to sue against you.

- Registration as creditor in creditor´s meetings ( if this happened to your developer) and defense of your credit for a high classification.  We also cover every appeal required here, again till Europe through the Supreme Court.

- If you were not given a Bank Guarantee when you were buying: actions against the Insurance Company of every proffessional involved ( agents, solicitor, developer, Bank..)  for proffessional negligency with the aim to recoup the deposit plus legal interests.

We are about to finalise an online system by which you will have  Internet access to the status of your case 24/7.

We do honestly think we offer quite a good service for our 5%.

Best regards,


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Ian Rogers said:
15 February 2010 @ 12:41

hi Maria

I was part of the Johnathan Lambert Corvera Legal Action Team and you will have heard what he has done.
I am not hopefull of getting any money back from Calidona however, if I lost my deposit i would be prepared to cut my losses. then I can move on and look for another property. I really am at a loss at this time. can you advise.


Maria said:
15 February 2010 @ 13:16

I would appreciate if you could email us.
You can find our contact details at:

No Win No fee said:
28 July 2011 @ 17:40

Very useful for me Thanks.

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