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Legal tip 173. Guarantees for building deffects. Part II
30 October 2009 @ 07:29

 There are three years to claim against Insurance company of the developer for  vices or defects of the construction elements or facilities that  cause the failure of the conditions of habitability: 

The conditions of habitability are the following ones:

a.Higiene, health and environmental protection, so as to achieve acceptable conditions of safety and tightness in the indoor environment of the building, which do not deteriorate the immediate environment, ensuring a proper management of all types of waste. 

b.Protection against noise, so that the perceived noise does not endanger the health of people and enables them to satisfactorily carry out their activities.

c. Energy save and thermal insulation, so as to achieve a rational use of energy necessary for the proper use of the building.
d.Other functional aspects of the construction elements or facilities to allow a satisfactory use of the building. 
( For part I in this serie of articles on Building deffects please click here)
Barcas en el río por Elsemiguel.
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