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Legal tip 160. International rights for senior citizens and more
09 October 2009 @ 15:10

The International Day of Senior Citizens focused this year on the furthering of independence and the valuation of their contributions to society. Last year it was focused on the need to adopt new legislation for the explicit defence of their rights in the international level.

As the UN says, the elderly "play an increasingly important role" as volunteers through the transmission of their experience or as family caregivers. In the laboral area, their knowledge is also well appreciated. 
Richness that you elderly people can bring to the young stems is not just professional but also on emotional development, spiritual wisdom, parenting, marriage… A wealth of knowledge that we cannot miss.
 In Spain you are also the future because you will be requiring help, care, services. I am well aware that the elderly in Ireland, UK and northern Europe are and will remain being a large part of the economic future of the region where I was born, raised and live in today: Andalucia.
Your presence will keep creating jobs and wealth as you have needs to be covered by us. Professionalism in the providence of the services will make the difference.  

Besides those jobs, you also have much more to offer to us in Spain:” your language, culture, literature, cuisine.....”  Some suggestions:

1.- Ask your Spanish neighbour or friend if she likes some “clasecitas” (lessons) of English, for her, her husband or her kids…… They will immediately love you! 

2.- Offer your bakery skills to our grandmas, go to your Asociación de Vecinos and propose

3.- Form a book club in english for teenagers... go to the local  high school and talk to the English teacher.

4.- Match young English students with Spanish ones for exchanges. Go to  the nearest High School and talk to the Master.

5.- Offer your help as mentor to the Andalusian government. It has a list of retirees to be mentors of young professionals.... Why do not you offer your qualification for this mentoring? It would be a great way to fill your time when retiring in Spain: nothing better than an English speaking mentor now that we urgently need the English language to do something as professionals.

Anyhow... have a Happy Puente. Monday as you all now is national Feast Day in Spain: Hispanity Day or Our Lady of Pilar.


 Basilica del Pilar and river Ebro, Zaragoza, Spain 2008 by  Paulo Brandao at Flickr

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