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Legal ethics? Worth it?
10 August 2009 @ 14:49

Need to ask if that is an obligatory sounds boring!

That´s maybe the most interesting comment I heard around the sun loungers during my vacations in Zahara de los Atunes and Grazalema this year.  It was made by a student who has just finished her first year in LawSchool.  She was discussing subjects to choose for the second year with her mom.  I need to say that, interestingly, the mom seemed to be much more stressed out than the young 19 y/o girl about the choosing. What are we raising?

The specific question was about Legal Deonthology (The Ethic science for legal professionals) and if this "deon-whatever-subject" was..... really worth taking or not. Anyhow....was it  obligatory?

Many questions showed up behind my sunshade then....

Hum.... Should her mom advise her to take it?

More.....Should she need her mom to advise her to or not to take it?

 More......Should the State make it obligatory for all Law students?

 More....What does she mean by: "Worth it? Is that the real question to be asked about Ethics for the profession you will be practicing for the common good and the rest of your life?  

And the profession for the common good? Is it part of our identity?


Worthiness. That is, in my opinion, the clue, the real important point.  After so much consuming we are now blind to see further than financial worthiness and that is the reason we, the homo-financiens, are so lost in the post-modern jungle! A crisis was needed. We are having it.


My goodness!.... what exciting times we have ahead of us... it seems so many classic/basic understandings need to be reviewed, rethought, remembered, and retaught.


Socrates... Aristotles.....

Tumbonas by Montuno at


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Sandra said:
10 August 2009 @ 23:48

I am stunned that it is not already a compulsory module for law students. It should not be merely assumed these future lawyers have been raised in an environment with high ethical standards.
A strong and standardised basic ethical code can only be created by teaching ALL students the disciplines required to achieve it. If individuals interpret their own code of ethics it will result in mayhem.

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