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Legal tip 1459. Claims on Plusvalia tax. NO WIN NO FEE service
24 July 2018 @ 14:47

What  is Plusvalía tax?
The Plusvalía (or Tax on the increase of value of the lands of urban nature) is a municipal tax that taxes the profit obtained with the sale of a property, taking as references of the calculation, the original acquisition value and the price at the time of sale.
What can I claim?
If you sold at loss but still were forced to pay a tax to the Local Council in the last for years, you can claim that tax back.
Is it a safe action?
It is, after this recent decision by the Supreme Court where this Court states that when there is an increase in value, it must be taxed according to the objective rules of the tax, and if there are losses, there is no taxation possible.
Should the tax be presented and liquidated, in any case?
Yes, sellers are obliged to present liquidation where they accredit this principle of proof that there is no increase in value.
It will be difficult to prove to the judge this situation of losses?
No, after this Decision by the Supreme Court as the High Court has affirmed that the deeds of purchase and sale are sufficient to prove the loss without ruling out the expert report. If the Administration has something to oppose, it must prove it. That is, Supreme Court places the burden of proof in favor of the taxpayer. 

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