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Maria´s pink request for your topics
15 July 2009 @ 22:20

What... do you want me to write about during this hot days?

What are the topics that you have been looking information about with no findings, those that are most of your interest...?

Let me say to you what interest me the best so you can have some sympathy with me:

-Consumers rights before banks/ developers and estate agents... too obvious ...hum?

- Elderly people rights.

- Women´s rights.

- Children´s rights.

- Inmigration rights.

- Residential tourism in Spain: itspossibilities, its reality: ... .the simple tourism... the achievable.... not too luxury involved: real Spain.

Yes, those topics pays my bills... they do and are actually, let me tell you... the topics of these wonderful, challenging current  times.

Please, yes of course,  you let me know your preferences... I need them... I am interested about them.

Have a great summer you all!


Orange door, pink house in Barcelona by Chriscom at


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Sandra said:
15 July 2009 @ 21:15

What a fabulous hot colour combination!!!
Sorry Maria, there's no hot question to accompany my comment.
So I'll just say,
'You have a great summer too'.

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