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Legal tip 115. Spain Consumers Act . Part 5.
10 July 2009 @ 11:19


Article 17. Information, training and education of consumers and users.

1. The public authorities, within their respective competences, shall promote the training and education of consumers and users, shall ensure that they have the information necessary for the effective exercise of their rights and shall ensure that they are given understandable information about proper use and consumption of goods and services available on the market.

2. The state-owned mass media will devote spaces and programs, without advertising character, to the information and education of consumers and users. In such spaces and programs, in accordance with its content and purpose, the media shall allow access and participation of consumers´ and users´ associations and other representative groups and stakeholders, in a mutually agreed upon manner. 

Article 18. Labeling and advertising of goods and services.

1. The labeling and presentation of goods and services and the manner of presentation for such goods and services must not mislead the consumer and user, specifically regarding:
Characteristics of the good or service, especially about the good or service´s nature, identity, composition, quantity, origin or method of manufacture or production.

Attributing to the good or service certain effects or characteristics that they do not have.

Suggesting that the product or service has special features when all similar goods or services possess such characteristics.
2. Without prejudice to the specific requirements that are established by special regulations, all goods and services available to consumers and users should incorporate, support or ultimately allow in a clear and understandable way, truthful, effective and sufficient information on its essential characteristics and, particularly on the following:

           Complete name and address of the producer.

           Nature, composition and purpose of the good or service.

           Quality, quantity, grade and usual name or mark, if any. 

           Production date and lot, where it is required by regulation, the time limit recommended for use or consumption or expiration date.

            Instructions or directions for proper use or consumption, warnings, and foreseeable risks.

3. Without prejudice of what is expressly provided by law or regulation, the compulsory labeling and presentation of goods or services sold in Spain must be written in at least Castilian, the official state language of Spain.

4. The offer, promotion, and use of false or misleading advertising for goods and services will be prosecuted and punished as fraud. Consumer associations are entitled to initiate and intervene in the legal procedures available to stop such frauds.

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