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Legal tip 113. 7 questions about sales
03 July 2009 @ 14:17


7 Questions about Sales

1.      Do the products that I purchase during a sale have the same guarantees as those purchased during normal periods?

Yes.  There is no discount in the quality or security of products, only for the price of the products.  There is a guarantee of at least two years on all new products. 

2. Can claim sheets be ordered in sales? 

Yes.  Since the standards for service and product quality do not change, you can order claim sheets in the same manner as during normal periods. 

3.      Can I ask for a bill? 

Yes, as always, you can ask for an invoice or purchase ticket bearing the product name, purchase date, price and name of the store.

4. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, it is mandatory for all establishments that use this method of sale for the rest of the year to accept it during a sale, unless it is clearly stated otherwise. Using a credit card does not involve any charge on the price of the product.

5. What rights do I have to return a sale product that is in poor condition? I bought some shoes on sale and they broke the next day.

In such cases the return is mandatory.  In addition, the customer does not have to accept vouchers, checks, or domestic currency. If the purchase paid with a debit or credit card, the refund shall be refunded to the card; if you paid in cash, the refund will be made in cash.

6. I bought a dress on sale and I now I realize that I do not need it as the party has been cancelled.  What rights do I have to return products on sale?

Technically, stores are not required to accept returns of products in good condition.  However, most companies allow such returns and must continue practices during sales that they adhere to during the rest of the year.  If a store will not accept returns of products in good condition, they must post notification of this explicitly, in a visible place.  If a company will accept returns of products in good condition, the store may refund your money or provide sales vouchers. 

7. I bought a bathing suit in April and paid 60€.  Now I want to return it, but the bathing suit costs 45€.  What amount am I entitled to receive?

You are entitled to receive the price you paid for the product, listed on the purchase ticket or receipt, regardless of the current sale price for the product. 


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