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Legal tip 91: Some advice for refurbishments
25 May 2009 @ 09:55


We refurbished the attic floor of a building in order to have the new Costaluz Lawyers office last year, here you have got some tips you may find useful:
Choosing the workers:   
  • Choose a professional, legally trading company, “ jack of all trades” may seem cheaper initially but… as the Spanish saying says “ Cheap turns expensive” ( lo barato sale caro: Choosing a product or a service just because of a low price is not a good deal)
  • Have the Identity number: Identity card or Tax Number if a self-employed or NIF (Tax identification number) if a company.
  • Check they have got professional liability insurance.
  • Get three or four budgets. The best way to find the better price is the all known “ busque y compare” ( look for and compare).
  • Safest budgets are:
-       written
-       detailed: materials, labour price…For reference and information: ask for invoices of materials   bought by the worker.
Payment method:
  • As an advanced amount, do not pay more than 50 % of the budget.
  • Final payment:
-       Do not pay 100% of the work until the works have been completely finished. We advise to pay the final amount (around 15- 20%) once every detail has been checked and found OK.
-       Ask for a written guarantee of works at the end of the works.
-       Needs to be according to the the budget ( that is what they are for!).  Know that payment on variations that have not been duly notified, can be refused.
-       Ask for VAT invoices, dated, stamped and signed by both parties. Without them, there is no possibility of claim.
 View from Castellar Castle ( Castellar.Cadiz) by Nukamari at

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