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Legal tip 84. Law for promotion of Personal Autonomy... for resident foreigners
13 May 2009 @ 10:06

On December 2006,  the Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and attention to dependent people (the so-called Dependence Act) was approved of and it became the fourth pillar of the Welfare State, after universal health care provision, pensions and education.


This Law contemplates the creation of the System for Autonomy and Attention to Dependence (SAAD), which will come into force by 2015. It is aimed at meeting the requirements of dependent persons, providing them with high-quality public health care, and its sole access criteria will be the degree of dependence. Apart from financial aids for caretakers, the System of Attention to Dependence gives pre-eminence to the provision of services (help at home, day and night care centres, tele-health care and rooms at homes for dependent people).

In 2009, the Autonomous Regions will receive 1,159 million Euros to develop the Dependence Act, plus an additional investment of 400 million Euros from the special State fund for the stimulation of economy and employment. These additional funds will be invested in consolidating and improving the existing services, in creating more rooms at homes for dependent people, in enhancing caretaking services and in providing professional training.

 In 2008, nearly 450,000 dependent persons (suffering from severe dependency or from moderate 2nd level dependency) in the whole of the Spanish territory benefited from financial aids or were provided with social services thanks to this programme.

In 2009, according to the agenda for the implementation of this Law, people suffering from severe 1st level dependency will also benefit from this programme. Besides, the System of Attention to Dependence will enhance the economic activity and create jobs in the social services’ sector.

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Well, these aids are applicable to foreign residents according to provision 14 of the Foreigner´s Act, as follows:

Article 14. Right to Social Security and social services. 

1. Foreign residents have rights to access the benefits and social security services under the same conditions of Spaniards. 

2. Foreign residents have rights to enjoy social services and benefits, of both general and specific kind, under the same conditions of Spaniards. 

3. Foreigners, regardless their administrative status, are entitled to basic social services and benefits.


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By Maria L. de Castro

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