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Legal tip 1316. MORE Questions on Community of Owners!
04 August 2015 @ 13:14

More Q&A on Community of owners. You can read here the full guide

Q- Could someone tell me the rules of Administration regarding the minutes of any meeting AGM or EGM?

A-  This law does not contain any provision on time limit for the sending of the minutes. It  sets rules on how/where to send them but not on timeframe. So it is advisable that this aspect is regulated by owners themselves as part of Statutes or Internal Rules. Very advisable of legal safety. 

 I am posting below a link on  the full HPA ( Horizontal Property Act) as per last refom made in 2013 and another link with some guides which might be of help.

Q-Send several requests by email and telephone from the UK. but my mails have been ignored. can anyone advise me of the Spanish law on receiving a copy of the minutes?

Send a written request to Administrator for him to send them to you at the address in Spain you have set for community communications. Set a 15 days to him if meeting was hold more than 10 days ago.

La Virginia, Marbella, Málaga, South east of Spain

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