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Legal tip 1287. Illegal charges by Tax Administration
21 April 2015 @ 16:34

The Administration can check the value of your home based on the following criteria: cadastral value multiplied by a corrector coefficient, market comparison method, market studies conducted by the same administration and impact ground coefficients in cases of Land.

The most common index administration used is the cadastral value multiplied by a coefficient that is sometimes almost 10 years old.  These cases can be challenged and are easy to win if the arguments are well chosen and directed.

The procedure generally entails one claim before the Administration and a case before the Regional Economic Administrative Court. These claims have no Court fees attached.

The procedures take approximately one year.

Finally, if your claim does not come to fruition you can always exercise Contradictory Valuation by an Expert and if your score is 10% or lower than the valuation performed by the Administration, your value will have to be taken as the correct one by the Administration.

Just let us know if you have questions regarding this: we are happy to answer. You contribute this way to our duty of constant study and updating ;)

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