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Legal tip 72. Modern lawyers
21 April 2009 @ 10:35

I started the working hours today by reading an article by both a spanish Judge and University Proffessor Don Manuel Martin Bernal. He analises there the legal grounds for the submission of rentals to arbitration.

I enjoyed several statements by him regarding the need of promotion of arbitration formulas in order to make the judicial system fluent and effective, and the need of promotion of rentals in a society that has been over-valuing property for ages.  It is certainly not difficult to see how correct he is when we count the current  thousands of empty,  built properties in Spain.  How true is the saying that states that  need makes virtue.

Two great propositions to become more "European", modern and competitive ( arbitration and rentals) Both for the sake of flexibility and dynamism....Yes, we lawyers need to be " people of our time" not just by using blackberry phones and mini laptops.

We need to perform a permanent attitude of  healthy and constructive deconstruction, criticism and question of present institutions, pre-assumptions and pre-judices...

I remember a good colleague ( and brother)  of mine who said to me: " That is what system is for... to be deconstructed" He meant  when it is illegitimate or  unfair:  I laughed a lot, I always do with his brilliant  appreciations. I agree that it is what  we lawyers need to pursue in a great extent. No unmeaningful that he said that when a Judge stated in a Conference that a certain proposal by a lawyer was " against the system".  How boring Mr. Judge!

Que lleveis bien el martes!


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