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Legal tip 1283. Appeal Court decissions against Timeshare companies in 2014
26 March 2015 @ 23:48

Good number of Appeal Courts in Spain passing decisions in 2014 against both Timeshare companies and linked financial entities. 

Main vice of contracts: Nullity;  mainly derived from the breach of law 42/98 which established a very clear legal regime for timeshare businesses

The best aspect of all these 2014 Court Decisions is that, together with an action against the timeshare company, same action ( jointly a severally) can be successfully brought against related financial institution ( cases where a loan was granted to afford this touristic product) for the refund of all amounts paid plus legal interests.

Some of the 2014 Court Sentences:

AP Madrid, sec. 12ª, S 25-11-2014, nº 551/2014, rec. 690/2013
Pte: Torres Fernández de Sevilla, José María

AP Madrid, sec. 25ª, S 30-10-2014, nº 406/2014, rec. 136/2014
Pte: Delgado Rodríguez, Fernando

AP Las Palmas, sec. 3ª, S 25-9-2014, nº 592/2014, rec. 464/2012
Pte: Moyano García, Ricardo

AP Madrid, sec. 21ª, S 17-9-2014, nº 413/2014, rec. 163/2013
Pte: Cánovas del Castillo Pascual, Mª Almudena

AP Las Palmas, sec. 5ª, S 12-9-2014, nº 375/2014, rec. 725/2012
Pte: Caba Villarejo, Víctor

AP Barcelona, sec. 1ª, S 30-9-2014, nº 420/2014, rec. 719/2012
Pte: Recio Córdova, Antonio Ramón

AP Granada, sec. 5ª, S 18-7-2014, nº 293/2014, rec. 164/2014
Pte: Mascaró Lazcano, Antonio

AP Barcelona, sec. 14ª, S 17-7-2014, nº 285/2014, rec. 127/2013
Pte: Domínguez Naranjo, María Carmen

AP Madrid, sec. 20ª, S 1-7-2014, nº 333/2014, rec. 148/2013
Pte: Gómez Salcedo, Agustín Manuel

AP Barcelona, sec. 14ª, S 5-6-2014, nº 203/2014, rec. 12/2013
Pte: Figueras Izquierdo, Aurora

AP Jaén, sec. 1ª, S 29-5-2014, nº 226/2014, rec. 404/2014
Pte: Arias-Salgado Robsy, Elena

AP Madrid, sec. 19ª, S 9-4-2014, nº 125/2014, rec. 528/2013
Pte: Salcedo Ruiz, Mª Victoria

AP Madrid, sec. 28ª, S 21-2-2014, nº 62/2014, rec. 564/2012
Pte: Galgo Peco, Angel

AP Barcelona, sec. 4ª, S 23-1-2014, nº 32/2014, rec. 720/2012
Pte: Riera Fiol, Amparo

AP A Coruña, sec. 3ª, S 17-1-2014, nº 10/2014, rec. 353/2013
Pte: Fernández-Porto García, Rafael Jesús

El Burgo, Malaga, South eastern Spain, at

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