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Your daily Spanish Law reporter. Have it with a cafe con leche.

Friday breakfast at Costaluz
27 March 2009 @ 12:02

 We had a 1and1/2 h team breakfast today in Costaluzlawyers under the sun of a small plaza ( Plaza Neda) in Algeciras, it is Friday and springtime is here, so we had to celebrate life´s simplicity and greatness with a good under-the-sun team breakfast. It was not planned, that is how most of the social events happen in South Spain:  what  it actually  really happens is that almost everything, everyday is a social event in Andalucia.

We chatted a while about Cadiz idiosyncracy in contrast with other more eastern parts of Andalucia. Mar Durio, who is originally from Cadiz  town told us how in the last economic crisis ( the 90´s one), bars and social places in Cadiz were still crowded and alive and people wondered why crisis was not affecting those businesses.

We concluded that we are happy just with a " caña" ( small beer:1 €) but  just being outside talking to people ( there is a lot of outside and a lot of people always around, waiting for friendly and funny conversation...... so, what else?

We were also commenting on the need of small business stores and shops to keep their own  essence and personality in order to survive against big commercial malls in the outskirts of cities and towns and  against online-shopping.

Free markets are always a source of  available  good price creation and recreation.... . not too much quality always but still a good deal of it  if you learn to look and find and... moreover: who wants to wear the same trousers for more than 2-3 years?

Commercial centers: too much for the body and... the soul. We do not need that much: please do not bother, we are looking for some week-end rest.

I love these Friday breakfasts... I really do and need to touch the just-personal side of the team... it is very refreshing.

Have a peaceful and personal weekend,



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Andalusian whitewashed facade

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More said:
27 March 2009 @ 11:15

Hola dear Maria
We also are happy just with a "caña" or an Americano, just being outside talking to people, often total strangers. Sitting at a cafe in the middle of a local market in the sunshine with a drink is one of our favourite pastimes.

Maria said:
27 March 2009 @ 12:52

You are so wise More... and will live longer than anyone around.
Love from Andalucia,

More said:
28 March 2009 @ 14:03

Hi Maria

I don't know about living longer than anyone around !!

(I AM 60 tomorrow though !!)


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