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Legal tip 1216. Courts to protect enforcement notification rights
09 October 2014 @ 13:18

Life is full with paradoxes

Back in 1861, when Spain created the Mortgage Act for the main aim of attracting foreign investors for the sponsorship of the railways net, the legislator included radical  measures against default by debtors, being one of them that of provision 682.2.2º and 683 of the Civil Procedure Act by which address for notifications of the start of mortgage enforcement procedures and its ammendent is regulated.

The provisions above allowed the lender to communicate the starting of the enforcement procedure at the Registry Address.

Now, in 2014, century and a half later,  our Constitutional Court is protecting foreign buyers just the opposite way. By securing they get proper notification of possible embargos of their Spanish property. Constitutional Court states Courts have the risponsibility of ensuring the personal notification is made, being the Edict communication, a last resort.


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Gaucín, Málaga, South eastern Spain




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