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Legal tip 1175. NEW! CASE WON: Orihuela Courts explains Banks Liabilities of law 57/68
28 June 2014 @ 10:30

Against SGR and BBVA in a Herrada del Tollo case. Dated 26th June 2014

So proud of Judges in my country who are punishing Banks for their illegal operation during the Spanish Real Estate boom.

This case, which wsa notified yesterday to our Law Firms CostaLuz & DeCastro is a master piece of comprehensive and fundamented  judicial application of Law 57/68. We are celebrating it since yesterday.

Among many important statements, the Court decission states:

- Obligation of Banks in regards to amounts deposited in their accounts is LEGAL-- so deadline to claim is 15 years

-Regardless you have or not an individual certicate, you are guaranteed if there is a guaranteeing agreement between a Bank/ Insurance Company and the developer you contracted with.

- Even if you signed the agreement in the Creditors Meeting, you can enact your rights out of Law 57/68

Congrats to client, Orihuela Courts and CostaLuz & Decastro Lawyers teams!

Costa Luz Left

Helisa_Orihuela_ALICANTE 2, Eastern Spain, by Jose Jimenez Molto, at

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4749annjoe said:
29 June 2014 @ 11:52


is this the case on 10th june

regards annjoe

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