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Legal tip 1173. Worst of CostaLuz Lawyers problems III
26 June 2014 @ 17:06

Files being sent to UK debt collectors now.

I wish defaulters had reacted before this but, unfortunately, it is not being the case.

In many cases, they state that fees were not clear at the beginning of our work from them, which is completely untrue and we can prove it: ;)

1. We sent the full chart of our Bar Association with all due explanations for them to understand the feeing system at the very beginning.

2. We asked them to make all necessary related questions and we answered them all.

I am inclined to think that they just do not understand the nature of legal services and that, in this industry, regardless you win or lose, you need to pay the defence and the assistance you have been provided along the years.

I could also state that none of the vast majority of clients of last years have lost their case.... even when there are some that received Court decissions against them.

Why can I say this?  Because, in most of the cases, what clients primarily wanted to avoid-- completion ( whatever the reason for this was)--- was actually avoided. We covered that from minute one.

 If we-- or any other lawyer, of course-- had not assisted them then, they would probably now be paying expensive mortgages on properties which are now highly deprecciated.

And finally, despite we charged nothing for continued communication-- by email and phone--- -- as a courtesy, to these clients, our Bar Association establishes a price for these comms. I am thinking of adding that to the bill ( hum????) ;)

In Spain we say: NI AGRADECIDO, NI PAGADO :)

This song inspired the post today!

Have a wonderful day, those who pay and those who do not! Good sense of humor never to be lost!

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