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Legal post 1156. New Spain Traffic Law 2014
28 May 2014 @ 10:37

A quick review of main points:

1. Radar Detectors: Prohibition on the use of radar detectors and safety cameras (200 euro fine and 3 points loss in the driving license).

2. Children: It is prohibited for children under 1.35 meters tall to go in the front seat unless all seats are occupied. Agents may immobilize the vehicle if the minor is not seat on his restraint seat.

3. Cyclists : Drivers and , if necessary , the occupants of bikes and cycles are generally required to use the helmet in local, toll roads and crossings in the assumptions and with the conditions prescribed by regulation . Thus use of helmet is always mandatory for children under sixteen, and also for those moving on interurban roads

Agents may not immobilize the bike to comply with this requirement. Cyclists may move below the minimum speed set, fixed at 50 % of the ceiling.

4. Speed: Annex IV is updated, so that “sanctioning and deduction of points schemes are extended so that they will cover changes in speed limits, both at upper and lower limits “

It is expected to have a precise limit increase to 130 km / h on motorways.

Two columns, one for lower speeds than those of first column, and another one for higher speeds than those of the last one are added. 20km/h and 30 km/h for cities will be used.

Also, it is expected that, for conventional roads, maximum speed is 90 km / h (or 70 km / h), depending on the width of the lane and not on the arcen as before.

5 .Fining: Agents who regulate traffic circulation may fine without stopping the driver, when the complainant agent is performing surveillance and traffic control and lacks the means to proceed with the prosecution of the vehicle.

6. Paying fines: Term extended to  20 days for paying fines with 50 % discount

7. Foreign Drivers : Foreign drivers residing or  having a commercial establishment in Spain will be required to register  in Spain the vehicles used in the territory . Those who drive a vehicle from another EU country may be fined if they commit any offense.

8 .Alcohol and drugs:  For driving under the influence of alcohol fine will be 500 euros. If the allowed rate doubles, or is a repeat offender,  fine will be of a thousand euros. It prohibits driving with the presence of illegal drugs in the body , except those used by prescription and for therapeutic purposes (eg methadone) . Driving e under drugs effects will be fined with 1,000 euros.

9. Environment protection: Traffic authorities  may close certain motor vehicles for environmental reasons , both on the streets and crossings and inter-city roads , after the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment  dictates the relevant instruction.

10. Cranes coming to perform roadside assistance will have the right of . Priority vehicles ( such as ambulances )  will use a blue . If an accident happens in a hunting plot, it will be the driver who is responsible for the abuse of animals, not the owners of the animals.

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