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Legal tip 1147. Name and Shame debtors? Worst of CostaLuz Lawyers Problems II
14 May 2014 @ 13:32

Our answer after an EOS members saying his opinion on "name and shame"

Thanks Woodbug.

The root of the problem has been that Lawyers cannot close a final price from day one as it depends on Appeals, interests granted, applicable interest rates, partial or total unexpected settlements, interpretation of costs by Judge, related expenses and disbursements....

We alwways offered though a very clear information at the beginning of every case, even with the  official spreadshseet of minimum fees by the  Cadiz Bar Association ( which is not usual among Lawyers-- need to add!)and all the references for them to figure out at every step how much was fees were involved. If they asked, we always answered on potential final fees, according to estimations.

  At the beginning, there were cases where we committed to not ask for provision of funds at the Appeal level ( and even at Supreme Court) if we had to deffend a case lost by ourselves but of course we never offered a NO WIN NO FEE, never compromised the final fee we are due for long years of work, communications, phone calls, emails, translations, advising.... It is just recently that for a short period of time and EOS members and old CLL clients, we are offering NO WIN NO FEE for the Action against the Bank. It was never this way before. This is just a limited offer.

It is very hard to believe!, as some of these people where saved from payment of evn  600k €.-1.000.000€  which could have destroyed their financial lives. 

I am consulting with Barristers, Bar association and EOS people on this and will make a decission. The solution is possibly to post them on our website?

Costa Luz Left

Tarifa from Bolonia, Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, South western Spain, at

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